“Mombie” – A sleep deprived Super-Mom who thrives on sticky kisses and messy smiles.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope to provide you with some light hearted humour and insight, as I navigate through Mombie-hood. So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and get cozy.

xo Nicci (Mombie since 2010)

Latest from the Blog

Learning to Love your Post Partum Body

So you’ve had your baby…now what? There are so many changes going on both with your life and your body. The post partum period is a challenging time for any new mom. Whether it’s your first baby or your tenth. I know I have had my struggles, both with Post Partum Depression and with accepting […]

Crafting on a Budget: Dollar Store Craft Ideas

Crafting has always been a big thing in my home. My 10 year old and I have been doing them since she was able to hold a paintbrush. We love to try new things and have even attended art studios to take classes on making different crafts. It is definitely one of my stress relievers. […]

Your Guide to 2021 Mom Calendars and Planners

Life is busy no matter what. The hustle and the bustle of every day life, meeting deadlines, making appointments, working everyday, keeping up a household…..you catch my drift! Then you throw a couple kids in the mix and suddenly the hustle and bustle turns to pure chaos! Now there are not only your appointments, but […]

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